Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, "comprehension; understanding". We started this organization to create beautiful interior designs to the customers by knowing and understanding their likes and taste.
We would like to showcase the personality of our customer in their abode. Our designs have a sense of balance and proportion coupled with effective and imaginative space planning to bring relevance and integrity in the architectural designs. We have executed multiple projects which include office space, individual houses and commercial spaces.

How we work

A sense of balance and potraying the customer's personality in the designs is our USP.

Step-1: We meet you once to understand your style inclination and functional requirements. A detailed discussion to come up with the required drawings to showcase the understanding in the subsequent followups.

Step-2: We comeup with detailed drawings in 2d/3d based on client requirements for approvals.

Step-3: We help you to identify the right materials and contractors for the approved designs.

Step-4: We do complete monitoring with latest process management tools.